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Cheers Pub Blokhus is an English Pub situated near the Northern Sea in the touristic village Blokhus, which has over one million visitors every year. Being opened for over 10 years, the pub is one of the oldest restaurants in the area.


Due to the fact that Blokhus is a popular summer destination for Danish, German and Norwegian tourists, the pub is only opened as restaurant in the summer period (June-September) with a capacity of over 100 customers and a diversified menu of English dishes, such as the traditional Fish and Chips, Barbeque spareribs, Burgers. All the dishes are home-made after the English tradition, and the pub has as well a secret recipe, made by the owner itself-the BBQ sauce for the spareribs. There is also a Kids Menu available in the summer and a large sun-filled terrace.


Furthermore, the pub is offering a large range of English beers, such as Guinness, London Pride, Old Speckle Hen, etc. and as well a special beer, that has the name of the pub: Cheers Beer.


Situated on the west coast of Denmark, Cheers combines the English and Danish traditions through its ambience (Danish and English flags) and beverage (English beers and Danish drinks).


As the owner himself characterise the town, “there is a special rhythm in Blokhus” 10 . Situated in the centre of the area, the pub is not only known for its food and beverage, but also because of the owner, the Old English man: Peter Brian Allen. His voice is known from Radio Caroline, the

basis of the movie “The boat that rocked” (2009) and commercials such as Levi`s and Coca Cola 11.



Opening Hours


When the lights are on and the door is open.


Torvet 18 - Blokhus


Tlf. 98 20 99 00

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